Safety vs. Historical Accuracy (In the Van)

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Safety vs. Historical Accuracy (In the Van) Empty Safety vs. Historical Accuracy (In the Van)

Post  Gery Barker on Mon Jul 12, 2010 11:51 am

Safety vs. Historical Accuracy

Nathan and I talked this over last week. I think that in both of our opinions, safety trumps historical accuracy. For example, the proper way to hook an ox to a wagon is either with a crooked link or a “T” bar. I have seen both come loose. We are going to be on trail where a wagon being accidentally unhooked from a team could lead to the death of both animals and humans. I am unwilling to risk this. Therefore, I use clevises which I have never seen come lose accidentally. Nathan has examples of his own. The point is, where the animals and wagons are concerned, safety first.

Along these lines, when we made the first scout of the area last year, horse flies were terrible. On the scout Rob, Jake and I just made, I used Endure on the horses. It was a big improvement. I will keep my fly wipe in corkable bottles and put it on with a rag. However, some animals will not tolerate handling of their ears like that. If the only answer is to spray the fly wipe on, I think we should allow it. An animal bothered by flies can do unsafe things.

Another suggestion, both Nathan and I are using Bovi-bond, an epoxy that protects the animals’ hoofs. I cannot see making an animal suffer for our choices in adventures.

Please, everyone bringing animals and rolling stock, make sure they are in good health, the tack is in good repair and the wagons are up to the trip. Remember our purpose is to get the experience of moving animals, wagons and supplies in realistic conditions and live to tell about it. An accident could completely negate the good that we can accomplish in pushing for a wider range of historically pertinent events.
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