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Safety at events Empty Safety at events

Post  Gery Barker on Sun Apr 12, 2009 7:13 am

I think that safety is the most important thing that we can do with this forum, so I will get the ball rolliing. The fact that I have seen any accidents at all, is far too many. When there is an accident it hurts us all. There are a number of sites and events that do not permit animals because of the risk. First, I have seen people and animals hurt because their handler or a representative was not with the animals at all times. I know this is hard, particularly if you have to be with the animals at an event alone. It is our responsibility to make arrangements. Second, we have to know our animals and know what they could do wrong. For example, taking an animal to a event where there will be gunfire when we are not sure how the animal will react is dangerous. If a new animal is being introducd to one of its first events, then it should be kept to places where a poor raction to the new sights and sounds will not be disasterous. Even the best of animals have to be trained to tolerate the "strange" sights and sounds of events. Next, I believe we have to be aware of our animals signals. Most animals will start to signal that they are uncomfortable before they blow their top or act out in some way. We need to read this and get the animal out to safety at that time. There should be no embarasment for this, it is just the reality of responsible animal handling. One other thing, we work our animals before an event. No matter how experienced the animal is, I do not expect them to come out of pasture and be perfect. - Gery
Gery Barker
Gery Barker

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Safety at events Empty Helping Teams accept the Hobby

Post  aWagonMaster on Wed May 20, 2009 5:06 pm

I have started several teams to accept the hobby. I have started firecrackers around them after a good bit of driving. I start throwing firecrackers a good distance away from the team in a safe area. Then gradually get closer, careful not to stress them too much. Before I am done with the firecrackers I will throw them out the front of the wagon near the team until I can throw them anywhere around them. Just be careful not to sting or harm them in any way. BTW I do all of this on a rubber tire wagon with good brakes in case of trouble, again in a safe environment, and preferably a tired team.

I also have someone drive, while I lay on the ground to get the team comfortable with a body on the ground near them.

Another thing I have done is simulate Infantry charging the team. I will get a stick and charge at the team yelling. Again tired and in a safe environment.

This very well might not be the smartest way to do this, but I have had no trouble yet, and the teams seem to be stable.

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