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Best feed for mules Empty Best feed for mules

Post  Jim Bishop on Thu May 21, 2009 9:52 pm

What do you all feed your mules? I have been feeding mine a 12% heavy grain sweet feed. I have had some to tell me that the 12% was too "Hot" for mules and that it would make them harder to manage. I have heard Hay only, Oats only with hay, Alfa-oats pellet feed ect. What do you folks think is the best?
Jim Bishop
Jim Bishop

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Post  aWagonMaster on Fri May 22, 2009 9:36 am

I have researched this subject well for myself in the past. My conclusion is this; Mules are generally quite efficient animals. Just pasture grass should do. Some pastures are too much and the mules need to be turned out to pasture for part of the day, rather than full time. Some may need a bit of grain. For me a good rule is to watch the body and see what is needed. If I work them, I feed them pelletized grains. I do not need to give them sugar(Sweet Feed). Just oats is a carbohydrate that breaks down to pure sugar too. The grain I have been using is Lone Star Super Glo 2 or 3. It does help maintain a good coat and healthy hooves. Minerals should always be available. Mules if worked are an athlete you will need to bump up the feed depending on the work performed. If I work them hard at an event I feed twice a day. After a bit you can figure out what is too much or too little.

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Best feed for mules Empty Best Feed

Post  Glenna on Wed May 27, 2009 1:39 pm

I have to agree with AWagonMaster, Super Glo 3 is a great product for any equine and readily available to the general public through Lone Star dealerships. However, for the past 12 weeks I have been using a product called Total Equine . My friend's dad saw the product on RFD TV and had her find some as it is not readily available through dealerships. It is priced comparable to Super Glo 3, but I have found I feed half as much Total Equine as I did Super Glo 3. The package instructions suggest four pounds feed per 1,000 pounds of equine to get the full nutritional value, but I have been feeding 1.5 pounds and everyone is looking pretty good coat, hoof and otherwise. Even our older critters have benefited from the feed. I also add one ounce of oil (any consumable oil as long as it is not corn oil) and one ounce of apple cider vinegar to each pound of feed and round up for half-pounds. When ingested the equine's body utilizes the oil where it is needed (hooves, coat, etc.). A simple search on apple cider vinegar will reveal a wealth of information on it.
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